October 17, 2015 came around quick for Demi Stevens and her followers of Year of the Book (yotbpress.com). YotB is a service based company that offers writing workshops, editing, consultation –  helping first time authors and already published authors ready their books for release.  Although this was not the first book type event for Demi who was a former York County librarian to organize, it was her first expo and her first large scale event. The affair was well organized, held several wonderful activities and was a blast to attend as a very recent, first time published author. It was also free to the public.

Demi and a few of her students spent a good part of 2015 organizing, coordinating and pulling the expo together. She spent countless hours composing the expo’s program, harmonizing the booths and tables for the authors and business as well as adding special touches for each author who had space. One of those special touches, was creating a mosaic poster made available to each author of book covers and pictures from the group, held within a larger picture. 

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The activities included New York Times bestselling author as the key-note speaker, David Rosenfelt, who hasScreen Shot 2015-11-02 at 9.59.39 AM multiple books available on Amazon, a children’s corner where face painting, reading dogs and crafts were well attended and over 85 local authors and some literary type business from the local area. The York County S.P.C.A. was also a big part of the event and had several adoptable animals on hand for potential families to meet. The raffle table was overloaded with some very cool donations from authors and other donators. Attendees walked away with books, wine racks, lamps and more for prizes just for coming out and supporting the occasion.

  It was excitement overload to meet several other local authors, greet customers who were interested in discussing my book’s story and to stand back and watch the event unfold – the energy was contagious. I was very lucky to be able to attend the event and hold down my own booth with fellow teammates from the search and rescue canine community that included two very special German Shepherds, Gaila and Gunner.

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The last few days prior to the event had me on edge. It had come down to the wire, but I hadn’t needed to worry, my book was published 10 days prior to the event with Demi’s supervision and help! The books and booth paraphernalia arrived just in time.

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 9.59.52 AMDemi is an amazing gust of energy and her talents are endless. I am very fortunate to have found such an incredible writing instructor and mentor to release my inner writing muse. (She had escaped me for years.) I’m looking forward with great anticipation to next year’s event and launching my second book in The Canine Handler series, Setback.

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